Vaigai Dam

Built across the majestic River Vaigai near Andipatti, the dam with a height of 111 feet can store 71 feet of water. It is 7 kms from Andipatti, 14 kms from Theni and 69 kms from Madurai. This dam was opened on January 21, 1959. The dam is unique for the sylvan garden around it. The stillness and quiet are soothing to the mind. The garden deserves the surname "Little Brindavan". It is a popular picnic spot for the local population, particularly school children. There is a separate play area for the Tourist.

A beautiful garden is located nearby and the dam site is illuminated on Sundays. It is around 7 km from Andipatti.

Distance from Vijay Hotel
Vaigai Dam - 66.9 km