The Palani temple is situated in the district of about 112 km from Madurai and 152 km from Trichi. Lord Murugan called Thandayudapani is the presiding deity of the temple. This temple is on the 450 feet high Palani Malai in the town of Palani. There are around 690 stone steps lie in the mountain passage for the pilgrims to reach the temple apart from the facility.

This temple is mentioned in the Tamil work Thirumurugatruppadai of Nakeerar of the Sangam age. Even the saint poet Arunagirinaathar has composed 95 verses on Palani in his Thirupugazh. There is a Thiruvavinankudi temple which is also called as the Kuzhandhaivelayudar temple is located at the foot hills along with Saravanpoigai tank. It is believed to be more than 2000 years old.

Lord Murugan or Subramanya kills Idumban but later restores his life at the request of Idumban's wife and Agasthiar. Later, Idumban prays the lord to allow him to be Dwarapalaka at his temple. Lord Shiva also arrives to pacify his son and appealed to him that Murugan himself was the fruit of all wisdom righteousness that he did not need another fruit. The word Pazham meaning fruit and Nee meaning yourself became the name of the place as Palani.

How to get there ?<vr? 115 km From Madurai Bus and Train facility available from Madurai to Palani . A good number of direct buses are operated by SETC(Govt) and private transport agencies from Chennai to Palani, or alternatively frequent buses are available to Tiruchi/Dindugul and from there to Palani.

Distance from Vijay Hotel
Palani - 117 km